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Mr George Reese

Mr George Reese is a general surgeon with a special interest in colorectal cancer. He is an accredited endoscopist and trains colorectal surgeons in colonoscopy. His practice also includes pelvic floor surgery, laparoscopic surgery and hernia surgery.

Mr George ReeseConsultant laparoscopic and colorectal surgeon

Mr George Reese is a general surgeon with a special interest in colorectal cancer. He is an accredited endoscopist and trains colorectal surgeons in colonoscopy. His practice also includes pelvic floor surgery, laparoscopic surgery and hernia surgery.

He was appointed as a consultant surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in 2014. At the Trust he has helped establish a tertiary referral practice for locally advanced colorectal cancer. He has also developed an international fellowship for training colorectal surgeons from around the world.

Mr Reese graduated from University College London Medical School in 2001 and, having worked in a number of London hospitals, progressed on to a surgical training rotation around central London teaching hospitals. He was awarded an MD thesis in the field of colonic imaging at Imperial College London. Mr Reese continues research into locally advanced colorectal cancer treatment and regularly publishes practice guidelines in the field of inflammatory bowel disease surgery.


Mr Reese is a general surgical advisor for the BBC medical drama Holby City. He has also provided medical advice for numerous other television shows as well as featuring in the BBC documentary Hospital.

Mr Reese works privately at:

  • The Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital
  • The 15th Floor Charing Cross Hospital
  • The BUPA Cromwell Hospital


Bowel Cancer, Inflammatory bowel disease, Hernia surgery

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Books and Book Chapters

  • Cara Baker, George Reese, Julian Teo
  • Rapid Surgery ISBN-10 1405193298
  • London Wiley-Blackwell 2010